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Gift from Mr Xu Gong Cai, the President of China Abacus Culture International Development Association

The two Chinese characters on the paper fan means "Heritage". We do really hope we can pass and hand down this traditional and valuable skills to our next generation.

AbacusKing International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Alliance


We are pleased to inform you that Brain Up Abacus is one of the six founding members (United Kingdom) of International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Alliance (AIAMA) which officially founded on 8th July in Bali, Indonesia.


The mission of AIAMA is to promote and introduce Abacus Mental Arithmetic to more people in the world. It is such an honour for us to represent UK to present the AIAMA Founding Ceremony.


Brain Up Abacus is working closely with other Abacus Academies all over the world including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Japan and many more countries.

We hope we can introduce this valuable skill to more children in the UK as well as in other European countries.

There were lots of countries participated in this international competition. The next competition will be held at Malaysia in July 2018 and we are applying to organise the 2019 International Competition in the UK!

Six Founding Members - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, United Kingdom and China (From left to right)

United - We Work Together to Promote Abacus Arithmetic to People Around the World

International Recognised Examination Board

Brain Up Abacus is the member of Abacus Committee Of Taiwan Chamber Of Commerce and the official organiser (UK) for the International Certificate of Abacus and Mental Maths Calculation Ability Examination (ISO 9001:2015)

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