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AIAMA International Abacus & Mental  Arithmetic Olympiad

22 July 2018



To promote and encourage mainstream Abacus education, aiming to endeavour children’s mental intelligence, focus, concentration and introduction to global cultures


AbacusKing International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Alliance

Date: 22nd July, 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 09:00 am - 21:30 pm

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Calling all Brain Up Students!

“It is time to explore your boundaries

and expand your horizons”


As we continue our efforts toward promoting the value of Abacus skills and encourage students to strive for excellence, we are proud to announce that we will be participating once again, on its second year, a bigger, wider and more challenging Annual International Competition – The AIAMA International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Olympiad Malaysia 2018


This year, we aim to promote a BIGGER, MORE CHALLENGING, and MORE ENGAGING mathematical experience – that is both competitive and educational. We are earnestly looking forward to seeing more Brain Up students and encourage all interested students to participate in this incredible global competition.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Obviously, not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if you don’t receive any of the big prizes, you can still benefit from the opportunity to challenge yourself. The most important thing to note is that, your competition journey is a process, not an endpoint. Any one success is just another stepping stone to the next point along the way.

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